Bikofe redesign

Together with good friends from Rompom collective we redesigned the Bikofe bar. As the budget was extremely tight we had to find creative solutions. We took the “recycle everything”  approach, collecting thrown-away furniture and renovating everything, from chairs, tables, shelfs, lights to the final wooden mosaic wall.

Production by Nina Vrhovec for Multipraktik and Nuša Jelenec, Jurij Lozić, Tilen Sepič and Andraž Tarman for Rompom.
Additional works by Jernej Stibilj (Muslauf) and Miha Brodarič, Marko Marovt (Multipraktik)
Toilet illustrations by Fejzo Košir, Tanja Semion, Luka Seme, Matija Medved, David Ištvan, Adrijan Praznik, Peter Kalinski
Print designs by Nina Vrhovec.

Around 8 months after the renovation we also did The Auction, check it out.

Feedback: Interior of the year award by Month of design,  featured in local media: DeloRtvslo and Trajekt.

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