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Orto Longboards is a multi-layered project supported by Orto and it’s about slovenian longboard culture, production and riders.
We started by producing the video that’s showcasing the vibrant culture of longboard riders and makers in Slovenia, their lifestyle and dedication. Then we created a custom longboard cruiser shape with Murskli Longboards and invited 9 designers/illustrators to make a custom artworks for backsides. We created 10 rent spots – 30 boards with custom illustrations were (and still are) available to rent free of charge from youth hostels to popular bars across Slovenia. The last stage was happening online, people could either unlock custom illustrated boards or made a custom graphics by themselfs and with a bit of luck and social media engagement get their personal unique longboard.

Project production by Miha Brodarič and Nina Vrhovec.
Video production by Andro Kajzer, Mique, Nina Vrhovec, Matej Lavka.
Art direction: Nina Vrhovec.
Illustrators/designers: Stella, Zoran Pungerčar, Mare Humljan, Nenad Cizelj, Fejzo Košir, Žiga Artnak, Eva Jakimovski, Primož Zorko, Neja Kotnik.
Custom longboards: Murksli
Board stands: Marko Marovt, Andraž Tarman
Riders: Jernej Podgoršek, Domen Gačnik, Matic Petrič, Ian Bonifačić, Ivo Žerjal, Mihael Zadravec, Nadia Hozić, Mojca Hrovat, Jakob Erculj, Eva Jakimovski.
Music: Souleance.


By: Nenad Cizl, Fejzo, Primož Zorko

By: Eva Jakimovski, Zoran Pungerčar, Neja Kotnik

By: Žiga Artnak, Marko Humljan, Stella

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