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We produced a cross-slovenian street Tapeart actions with different artists as part of the new campaign for mobile brand Orto (Simobil). The whole action happened across 7 urban spots around Slovenia.

Artists that participated were: Luka Uršič, Aljaž Košir Fejzo, Zek collective, Tilen Sepič, 1107 collective, Stella and Kitsch Nitsch.

Produced by Miha Brodarič and Nina Vrhovec.
Video production by Matej Lavka, Andro Kajzer and Miha Brodarič.
Music by DID
Concept by Multipraktik and Luna
Agency: Luna

Feedback: Vimeo Staff Picks, Lestrabiques interviewWoosterLacoquettemiserableUrban Art CoreCollabcubedSoschmecktFeaturedbyHuffington Post and others.


Fejzo, Luka Uršič
Location: Maribor
Photos by: Mique

Zek, Stella
Location: Izola
Photos by: Mique

Fejzo, Luka Uršič
Location: Ljubljana
Photo by: Jernej Čuček Gerbec

Kitsch Nitsch
Location: Ljubljana
Photo by: Jernej Gerbec

Location: Ljubljana
Photo by: Mique

Location: Maribor, Ljubljana
Photo by: 1107, Jernej Gerbec

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