Discover people and organizations we collaborate with:

Rompom, design studio (Nuša Jelenec, Gašper Premože, Tilen Sepič, Andraž Tarman in Jurij Lozić.)
Nuframe, a boutique post production shop
rx:tx, music label
Gregor Zemljič, production, mix, mastering studio
Tilen Sepič, product photography 
Anže Koron, director of photography
Matjaž Tančič, fashion, commercial and 3D photographer
Murksli custom boards, handcrafted longboards
Zek collective. Producing random and conceptual visual interventions
Borka, dj, producer and music journalist
Trapez, a multi-disciplinary collective, creation of new practices in gastronomy
ProstoRož studio, exploring open urban spaces
Mina Fina wakes up everyday with good intentions but ends up eating cakes
The Miha Artnak. A homo sapiens sapiens that lives in the centre of European continent
(Grupa) is a group of volunteer designers, artisans and architects
Kitsch Nitsch are two wondering souls trapped in the middle of nowhere
Muslauf, a fixed gear community
Ajda Fortuna, garage art
Vladimir and Vladimir, designer, photographer
Janez Polc, web coder
ee Grupa, team of designers, typographers, illustrators
Primož Zorko, he makes visual stuff 
Marko Humljan, graphics designer, illustrator
Stella Ivšek, street artist, designer
Nenad Cizl, illustrator
Zoran Pungerčar, illustrator
1107, street artists
Heli Video, aeral videography
Bright Visuals, video production team
Jure Niedorfer, videographer
Smetnjak, weird, clever and fun
Borut Peterlin, photographer
Tjaša Mavrič, handmade accessories
Uniki interactive, gesture interactive production team
Radio Nula, best web radio, ever
Komposter, animation/visuals team